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Steven Van Niekerk Consulting was contracted by Country Cars of Bristol Ltd to assist the Managing Director with submission for ISO 9001:2008, which can be a complicated process from start to finish.

SVN Consulting has a trait of explaining things to me in such a way that:-

A) Makes logical sense and B) Takes away the worry on procedures that I would have otherwise thought would be none compliant.

To that end, Country Cars of Bristol have just been audited for ISO 9001, and we sailed through the audit with Steve’s help. We are now the only used car dealership in the country that is certificated, and I must put this down to Steve’s dogged pursuance and persistent knowledge and problem solving.

Would I use Steve Van Niekerk Consulting in the furture? Yes.. in a heart beat.. Thank you, keep up the good work.


Gary Pope

Managing Director, Country Cars of Bristol Ltd