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Experience gained in the UK Military, UK Police Forces, Maritime Security, International Oil & Gas companies.

Consultancy support helps you achieve your goals sooner. The ISO (International Standards Organisation) clearly details each step in the most common business processes; applying these correctly to your organisation will put you in a position of clarity and confidence.

Health and safety legislation requires that you have a clear health and safety policy (if you have more than 5 employees this must be written down). There are various other health and safety regulations that may apply to your business and we are able to guide you through your responsibilities.

SVN Consulting has been outstanding during this process, for me personally this is the first time I have been involved in the creation of a Quality Management System and going for certification. SVN Consulting adapted their approach accordingly and has been a real support throughout the process so far.

They has challenged us at times which was needed as it opened up for discussion resulting us in streamlining our processes with regards to our main service areas.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

S Collins

Partner/Co-Founder, Affinity Energy

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